Andreas Seidl hopeful of split testing sessions for 2022

Andreas Seidl hopeful of split testing sessions for 2022

With F1 testing reduced for 2021, McLaren Team Principal Andreas Seidl is hopeful we will see a return to extended testing in 2022, with the possibility of an interval between two testing sessions.

Among several changes to Formula 1 in 2021 was the reduced amount of testing days during the preseason. Not the most ideal situation, with McLaren launching in effect what was a brand new car. Due to a chassis redesign accommodating the new Mercedes power unit, gearbox and other components.

In an attempt to reduce costs with the all-important budget cap coming into play, amongst other things, teams were subject to a single three-day session in which to put their 2021 cars through their paces.

A far cry from years gone by in which teams could test just about anytime they wished.

2022 will see the introduction of brand new F1 cars across the grid. Delayed from 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the launch of cars that are expected to perform and handle far differently to the current versions, it is only logical that F1 reintroduce extended testing for 2022. With the possibility of an interval halfway through running. Something McLaren Team Principal Andreas Seidl is in favour of.

“In my point of view, or at least from the McLaren point of view, it makes sense to do two tests with a good gap also in between,” Seidl said while speaking with “In order to be able to digest what we have learned from the first test, and also to be able to react with these brand new cars.”

F1 need an increase to testing in 2022

Due to limited testing, new arrival to McLaren, Daniel Ricciardo, was afforded only one and half days of time behind the wheel during preseason testing in Bahrain. Having to split time with teammate Lando Norris, Ricciardo is still coming to terms with his new ride. With the MCL35M having not only different performance and handling characteristics compared to his Renault of 2020, but also a new setup in terms of steering wheel button layout, configuration and programming.

While most drivers will stay with their current team heading into 2022, many will have the same experience as Ricciardo’s 2021 due to working with an entirely new car next year. That is, unless we see an increase to the amount of testing days in 2022.

Seidl says he expected Ricciardo to take some time adjusting to his new McLaren. However, it’s not a problem the team principal will be wanting to go through again in 2022.

“I won’t say it’s a surprise,” Seidl said. “We know it’s not just straightforward to jump from one car into another one, when you only have one and a half days of testing.

“I think there’s no point complaining about the one and a half days of testing, because that was an agreement between all teams in order to only have one test this year to save costs. So no point going into that too much.

“We all hope that for next year, we go back to more testing days again, especially knowing that we have completely new cars next year.”


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