British GP Sprint Results: McLaren lockout third row for Silverstone race

British GP Sprint Results: McLaren lockout third row for Silverstone race

McLaren lockout third row of the grid for Sunday’s F1 race at Silverstone, after a successful trial of sprint qualifying at the British GP.

McLaren have come away in good position after a positive trial of the sprint-qualifying format at the British GP. Starting from sixth and seventh, teammates Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo each managed to move up a position. With McLaren locking out the third row of the grid for Sunday’s main race at Silverstone.

While Norris has managed to start from inside the top five for much of the season, Ricciardo’s sixth place starting position is the highest he has started a grand prix for some time. As he still struggles to fully get a hold of the MCL35M.

The first of three-planned sprint qualifying races for the year unfolded without too many complications, and provided that extra on track action that many fans have been craving for. The majority of drivers also seemed supportive of the new format.

McLaren’s early battles were held with Alpine’s Fernando Alonso, who managed to make up multiple positions on the opening lap, pulling ahead of both cars. While the fight with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez turned out to be somewhat short lived, after Perez spun out, apparently caught in the dirty air of Alonso and Ricciardo.

“That was quite good fun! It’s obviously over pretty quickly, but Alonso having a good start made our race a bit more exciting, so I enjoyed it,” said Ricciardo. “The first ten laps were busy, I thought that was cool, so I hope the fans liked it.

“I don’t know what it was like around us, but I hope the order changed up a little bit. I gained a position and start in a better place tomorrow than I started today. That was the aim for today, so I’m looking forward to going out and fighting for more tomorrow.”

Sunday’s race will provide Ricciardo with his best chance of the season to mix it up with the top drivers, as well as the opportunity of racing head to head with Norris. Whom he has been unable to compete with so far during the year.

A good result from Silverstone will hopefully help to continue boost the confidence of Ricciardo, as he finds his way back to form with the race craft he is capable of.

Starting so close to the front of the pack will also help McLaren’s chances of staying ahead of Ferrari for third place in the Constructors’ Championship, should everything go to plan that is. While Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc will be starting one place ahead of Norris, in fourth, Carlos Sainz will be lining up in 11th.

“A good first sprint quali race! I think we achieved everything we could’ve hoped for today,” Norris said, “We got ahead of one of the Red Bulls, which is a quicker car, but we managed to beat them off the start and over the first lap, so it was a fun first-half.

“At the end, it was a quiet finish in clear air on my own. I think we now have a good reading on where we stand compared to the other teams, so we know what we need to try to do tomorrow.”