Daniel Ricciardo keen for Australian GP double header

Daniel Ricciardo keen for Australian GP double header

In the midst of Brazil struggling to contain Covid-19, McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo would be keen to see Australia play host to back-to-back grand prix’s.

So far so good for the start of the 2021 Formula 1 season. While Covid-19 continues to run rampant around much of the globe, F1 has remained relatively safe in its little bubble. However, according to McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo, things could change as we see the year progress.

In particular, the Brazilian GP, slated for November 7. Which is just two weeks prior to the F1 circus heading down to Australia.

As it currently stands, Brazil is in the middle of fighting a continuing Covid-19 outbreak, with much of the country affected. Due to the sheer scale of the pandemic in Brazil, if a race was to be held there in the coming weeks, Ricciardo is unsure of whether it would actually go ahead.

“I am aware of Brazil currently is not in a good place with Covid,” Ricciardo said while talking to EFTM.com.

“I think, if we were scheduled to go there this weekend, then yeah, I’m pretty convinced it would be up in the air.

“For now, they’re kind of on the hope that by then [November] things settle down, but if it’s still as it is then that race could potentially be in question.”

A double header for Australia?

If the Brazil GP was to be cancelled due to safety concerns surrounding F1 personnel, Ricciardo said he would be keen to see Australia run back-to-back races, in order to fulfil the 23-race season as planned.

“They’re obviously keen on 23 [races] this year,” Ricciardo continued. “A bit like last year, I’m sure there are maybe some circuits, call it that could fill some gaps if some are lost.

“We’ll see, maybe a double-header in Australia! If there is any, let’s say, form of quarantine when we get there, to do a double-header at least would make the time worthwhile.

“Hopefully we get a bit of time in Aus as opposed to quarantine [and then the] circuit. I know all the drivers love going to Melbourne for the race.

“In Australia, everyone knows how beautiful it is, so if I called all the drivers right now and said, ‘Hey, what do you feel about spending two weeks in Australia?’ I’m pretty sure none of them are going to whinge and moan.”

Some of the challenges for a double header to take place in Australia include logistics, which are often organised far in advance, the potential for quarantine, and not to forget the biggest challenge of all, the fact that the circuit needs to be constructed.

Given enough warning, I’m sure the Australian Grand Prix Corporation would be able to pull it off. However, time would play a huge factor in whether something of this magnitude would be possible or not.


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