Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris head-to-head

Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris head-to-head

With the new pairing of Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris at McLaren, we breakdown their statistics over the last two Formula 1 seasons.

McLaren are toting their new 2021 F1 driver line-up as one of the best pairings on the grid. Both on and off the track.

And it’s hard to knock the team’s optimism ahead of the upcoming season. With both Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris seemingly hitting it off since Norris entered F1 back in 2019.

However, while the two appear to be friendly enough off the track, taunting each other and playing it up for the cameras. They have tussled on race day, where a driver’s true competiveness comes out.

After a close 2020 battle in the constructors’ standings between McLaren and Renault, in particular Ricciardo. You can expect the competition to heat up for the team’s unofficial number one driver position.

Daniel Ricciardo

Deciding to head to McLaren after seeing the progress the team made during the 2019 F1 season, Ricciardo will be looking to stamp his authority early. Much like with former Renault teammate Esteban Ocon.

And while Ricciardo’s relationship may be somewhat different with Norris compared to Ocon, don’t presume to see that shown on the racetrack. It is often said a racers biggest competitor is his teammate, 2021 will be no different.

During his two years with Renault, Ricciardo had been nothing but dominant.

2019 saw him take on Nico Hulkenberg. Where the Australian outperformed his teammate for the duration of the season. However, by years end, the difference between the two would be much closer than Ricciardo’s past season with Ocon.

Ricciardo would outscore Hulkenberg 54-37 in championship points, 9th-14th in the drivers’ standings and 14-7 in qualifying.

2020 would see him as Renault’s leading driver, no questions asked. And while Ocon may have been coming off one year on the sidelines, Ricciardo pulverised him during qualifying and on race day.

Ricciardo would outscore his teammate in championship points by a large margin, 119-62. Rank 5th in the drivers’ standings compared to Ocon’s 12th and beat him 15-2 during qualifying.

Lando Norris

While he may not have the experience of Ricciardo, Norris will also look to show McLaren what he’s made of.

Former teammate Carlos Sainz Jr. might have gotten the upper hand on Norris during both their years together. However, Norris was right on his tail, particularly during qualifying.

He has gone from strength-to-strength during his two years with McLaren. Putting him in place to step up and compete with Ricciardo.

His rookie F1 year saw Norris outscored by Sainz 96-49 in championship points and 6th-11th in the drivers’ standings. While the qualifying battle would go 11-10 in Norris’ favour.

Jump ahead to 2020 and the gap between the two was significantly closer. With Sainz finishing a mere eight championship points ahead, 105-97. While Sainz would again claim 6th in the drivers’ standings, Norris would move up two places on the previous year, coming in at 9th. Qualifying honours would again to Norris with a 9-8 split.

Having one up-and-coming driver and one proven race winning driver on the books should bode well for the Woking-based team in 2021.

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