Daniel Ricciardo looking to out-brake the competition

Daniel Ricciardo looking to out-brake the competition

Known around the paddock for his late braking finesse, McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo is still adjusting to the MCL35M brake setup, ahead of the Formula 1 season kicking off in Bahrain.

McLaren seem to be in a good spot with their 2021 Formula 1 entry, the MCL35M. Reports from driver’s Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris, as well as team members, appear positive for the most part.

The few problems that did pop up during F1 testing, mostly minor, will continue to be looked at and worked on over the coming week. In preparation for Round 1 of the F1 season at the Bahrain International Circuit.

One such issue that Ricciardo will be focusing on to improve sooner rather than later, is the braking with the MCL35M.

Utilising the strategy of late braking to achieve many of his overtakes around the track, Ricciardo has raised the issue that he will need to grow accustomed to the way the MCL35M behaves and operates under braking.

This isn’t the first time the Honey Badger has had to adapt to a new car with new brakes. With brake setups being the biggest thing Ricciardo’s had to manage during his transition from Red Bull, to Renault and now McLaren.

“I think going now from Red Bull to Renault, and Renault to McLaren, probably the braking is maybe the biggest thing that it seems like you need to adapt,” Ricciardo said. “I’m still trying to get on top of it and understand what the limit is of the car.

“It’s more probably just a mechanical feeling. Even things like new car, new pedals, new positioning – it’s probably just a feel on that physically more than anything else for now.

“But I think generally, in the last couple of years, it looks like [McLaren] have had a good car on braking,” he added. “So I think once I’m up to speed, that will be a pretty good one, and hopefully you’ll see some good passes from me again. Some late ones!”

McLaren will be in fierce competition with their midfield rivals, namely Aston Martin and Alpine, to retain third place in the constructors’ standings. While we may also see a resurgence of Ferrari adding to the competition. With word the Scuderia have vastly improved on their 2020 engine.





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