Daniel Ricciardo has first seat fitting at MTC

Daniel Ricciardo has first seat fitting at MTC

McLaren fans have had their first glimpse of Daniel Ricciardo in papaya. With the Australian on deck at the McLaren Technology Centre for his first seat fitting.

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo has been floating around the MTC over the last couple of days. Checking in with his new surroundings and taking in the lay of the land.

Which included a walk down McLaren’s historic boulevard. Featuring some of the team’s classic race cars from over the decades.

Ricciardo was clearly impressed with his new workspace. Likening the building to what he would expect to find at NASA.

After his tour of the complex, Ricciardo donned what will be his new McLaren race suit. Followed by his first seat fitting in the yet to be revealed MCL35M. The team’s competitor for the 2021 Formula 1 season.

McLaren are one of the leading team’s when it comes to providing behind the scenes video to their fans. With the ‘Unboxed’ series delivering footage of the inner workings of the team.

Ricciardo’s seat fitting was showcased in the latest McLaren Unboxed. And, while there were some minor complications, namely his seat requiring further adjustment. The whole experience seemed to run fairly smoothly.

McLaren expect Ricciardo to be a key piece in their plans for the future. As the team continues to work its way back to the front of the pack.

And, with one proven grand prix winner in Ricciardo. Along with young up and comer in Lando Norris. It’s easy to see why the pairing has been hailed as one of the strongest on the grid.


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