Lando Norris confident MCL35M can improve ahead of Bahrain GP

Lando Norris confident MCL35M can improve ahead of Bahrain GP

Lando Norris is confident the team can work towards improvements for the McLaren MCL35M. As we edge closer to the F1 season opening Bahrain GP.

Lando Norris is confident McLaren can make further improvements to the MCL35M, with the team enjoying fairly positive results at recent F1 testing in Bahrain.

With testing reduced to three days, teams were under the pump from day one to get in as many laps as possible, in order to work through any potential car problems.

And while there were the usual issues experienced throughout the field, McLaren seem to have gotten off fairly lightly in terms of major complications. Which is really quite the miracle, considering they had to deal with the introduction of their new Mercedes power unit, gearbox and chassis. Just to name a few of the major changes for 2021.

McLaren have gone from strength to strength over the last two Formula 1 seasons. Making improvements to not only their car, but also their standing in the Constructors’ Championship. And, things continue to take shape as they make their charge back to the front of the pack.

Early odds have given McLaren a reasonable opportunity of retaining their coveted ‘best of the rest’ title. Along with the potential to feature on more podiums during the upcoming season.

Lando Norris excited to be back

Entering into his third F1 season with McLaren, Norris has taken on a bigger role during this year’s F1 testing. Providing valuable feedback to the garage which will help to help the early setup of the MCL35M, according to Team Principal Andreas Seidl.

Speaking at the conclusion of his three days of testing, Norris voiced his excitement to be back in an F1 car. And of the challenges the team faces ahead of the season opening race in Bahrain.

“It’s nice to be back in a Formula 1 car really. It’s been a while and I’ve been very excited and feeling like it’s been a long time coming, so it’s nice to be back. Especially driving in the dry, because the Silverstone test was in the rain.

“So it’s been a lot of fun. It’s not been the easiest because of the conditions. It’s been quite windy, the sandstorm the other day and it’s not been an easy three days. And the three days have felt like they’ve gone very quickly, considering it’s normally a four-day test or even more.

“It’s been a good start I think. Things have been productive, we’ve got a lot of stuff to work on. Some things have been quite tricky to get around and to improve throughout the last three days. But we’re getting there and we have a nice little break between now and the race weekend obviously in a couple of weeks to go through everything and try to improve on it all.”

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