Lando Norris curious to see Daniel Ricciardo’s racing approach

Lando Norris curious to see Daniel Ricciardo’s racing approach

Lando Norris sits down with McLaren to discuss his excitement about the upcoming 2021 Formula 1 season.

Lando Norris has stepped foot in the McLaren Technology Centre after returning from Dubai, post his Covid-19 quarantine.

Checking in with the team and the progress of the MCL35M build, Norris discussed what he’s most looking forward to in the upcoming season.

Among that list, was the opportunity to work with the entire team. 2020 saw Norris become well known for hanging around the track and assisting the mechanics break down the car. Something that most drivers avoid. However, Norris plans on continuing that trend into 2021.

“The thing I’m most excited about is working with everyone in the team, whether that’s at the track, the McLaren Technology Centre or remotely,” Norris said. “From stripping down the car at race weekends to putting in the miles in the simulator, I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and helping the team wherever I can.”

Norris curious of Ricciardo’s approach

The relationship between Norris and new teammate Daniel Ricciardo has been one of the most talked about driver pairings during the offseason. Largely due to the two’s antics and playful nature off the track.

However, it’s going to be on track that McLaren and the rest of the grid are going to be keeping a close eye on. Norris showed his competitive side against former teammate Carlos Sainz Jr. Keeping fairly evenly matched across both qualifying and race results over their two years together.

And, while Norris admits there will be more to learn from Ricciardo, expect that competitive nature to continue with his more experienced partner.

“Next up, I’d say teaming up with Daniel,” Norris continued. “Not because he’s good fun to be around, but because I like to work out the approach of my team-mates. Daniel has a lot of experience: he’s raced with big teams, scored plenty of podiums and knows how to win grands prix. I’m curious to see how he drives a car and what his approach is.”

The Covid-19 pandemic threw the 2020 F1 schedule into disarray. With a large swathe of the scheduled races wiped from the season. Due to multiple race cancellations, tracks that had been absent from the line up for some time, made a resurgence.

However, 2021 should see a return to many of the countries where races were unable to be held. Along with the potential inclusion of spectators. An aspect of racing that Norris missed last year.

“There are some new additions to the F1 calendar this season, but I’m also looking forward to hopefully going back to some of the countries we couldn’t race at last year – places like the US, Japan and Singapore,” Norris said. “They’re some of my favourite places to go, not just because of the circuits we race at in those countries, but because of the great cultures we get to experience and, of course, the fans. I really hope we get to see more fans at the track this season, we’ve really missed them.”

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