Lando Norris’ deep dive into failed Russian GP strategy

Lando Norris’ deep dive into failed Russian GP strategy

After a disastrous finish to the Russian Grand Prix, Lando Norris and McLaren have taken a deep dive to find out where everything went so wrong.

Coming off last weekend’s Russian Grand Prix, questions were being asked of Lando Norris and McLaren’s strategy that saw the race win slip through 21-year-old’s fingers.

Opting not to pit for intermediate tyres like the majority of the field, and more importantly second placed Lewis Hamilton, proved to be the wrong call. With Norris sliding off the track on slicks and giving up the win.

The blame of course cannot be squarely placed upon either Norris or McLaren, with mistakes made by both parties resulting in the eventual failure. However, in talking to the media post-race, both Norris and the team have been adamant that time would be spent analysing their strategy and race procedures.

That analysis seems to have taken place now, with Norris reflecting on his decision-making process and communication with the team.

“I’ve learned of course many things,” Norris said to “Things for myself, what I could do better next time if we’re in exactly the same situation again, and how can I make better decisions. But also with the team it’s how can we communicate better, how can we talk, so that the team gives me more information as well, in order to make decisions.

“The thing is, it is so complicated. When you just watch TV it looks so simple, and it looks like the easiest decision in the world. You feel like sometimes you can just make an easy decision. But it’s really not that simple. And there’s so many things which have to take place for you to make a good decision and the correct decision.”

One of the key pieces of information for McLaren coming out of the Russian Grand Prix surrounded reports that correct weather information may not have been passed to Norris. This in turn may have contributed to him initially refusing to pit for inters, a decision that would ultimately cost him the win.

To work through what needed improving and to breakdown the race itself, Norris spent two days in the simulator. Along with one day discussing the team communication as a whole.

“We reviewed everything, the whole race, even from lap one to the very end. But of course, more importantly, the last 10 laps,” Norris continued. “What can I do better to help the team and what can the team do better to help me? We spent two days on the simulator, and one day reviewing everything with the communication, and how we talk to each other to try and do a better job next time.

“I’m not going to say what I’ve learned, necessarily, but I’ve learned a lot, and the team has learned a lot. It’s not a guarantee, but hopefully we’ll do a better job next time.”

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