Lando Norris: Is P3 in the Drivers’ Championship realistic for McLaren?

Lando Norris: Is P3 in the Drivers’ Championship realistic for McLaren?

As Lando Norris continues to score inside the top five, is a P3 finish in the Drivers’ Championship realistic for the McLaren driver?

Outside of the top two driver’s, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris is right up there with the best of them. Bringing the fight to Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez, in what is his best Formula 1 season to date.

Norris continues to be the only driver on the grid to have scored points in every race this year. Along with consistently finishing inside the top five. Not to mention his three podium finishes. All of which have led to him sitting third in the Drivers’ Championship.

While Norris has received some lucky breaks, helping him along the way, that is the nature of racing. However, it is not just those lucky breaks that have propelled him into his current position in the standings. But rather his blistering form on the track. Proving that he is able to mix it up with the big boys.

The question remains though, while Norris continues to move in and out of that P3 position, is it realistic that we see him sitting there come the end of the season? According to McLaren Team Principal Andreas Seidl, the short answer is yes.

“Down to the strong performance by Lando, together with the team and the competitive car we have this year, we’ve managed after 10 races to be in P3, so it’s not unrealistic to stay there,” said Seidl. “Let’s see what we can do in the second half of the season.

“Whether it is a realistic target [to stay P3] is difficult to say because the Red Bull car and the Mercedes car is clearly a better car and Valtteri and Checo have shown some great races this year, and also from the past, what they can do.

“Plus, we have to be honest as well, [we need] one time or another for something to go wrong on the Red Bull side or the Mercedes side, because we’re not in a position purely on performance to beat them.”

While Seidl was of the opinion that P3 is a real possibility for Norris, he’s not wrong in the fact that there are also a lot of other factors that will need to fall into the 21-year-old’s favour.

Norris will need to continue taking advantage of situations that play to him, as well as ensuring he keeps up the qualifying form he has shown throughout the season. If he is able to pull it all together, we might just see him sitting in third place at the end of the year.