Lando Norris: No points should have been awarded for Belgian Grand Prix

Lando Norris: No points should have been awarded for Belgian Grand Prix

Expressing the same view as many others, McLaren’s Lando Norris agrees no points should have been awarded at the Belgian Grand Prix.

The word being thrown around most consistently about the Belgian Grand Prix is ‘farce’. And, it’s hard not to agree.

Talks are reportedly already underway between Formula 1 and the FIA so a repeat of Sunday’s race, if you can call it that, doesn’t happen again.

The 2021 Belgian Grand Prix is the new record holder of the shortest F1 race to have taken place. With two laps behind the safety car ensuring the race met the minimum standards required by the FIA for points to be awarded to drivers and constructors.

Whether points should have been allocated is still out for discussion. While technically all boxes were ticked regarding the procedure surrounding points allocation. It has left some drivers, constructors and fans less than impressed.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and Race Director Michael Masi have also both openly said that cars weren’t put out on track to purely meet commercial agreements. However, many across the F1 world would disagree. With calls for fans who braved the weather for a considerable number of hours to be issued refunds, including World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

“I don’t think any points should be awarded for today [Sunday],” Lando Norris said to “How little we did today, I think X amount of actual racing laps, like we go out and we race for X amount of the race, but to drive round behind the safety car and for people to get points?

“Maybe I’ll be saying the opposite if I was first, on a good amount of points. Even though it’s benefited us today, Daniel got a good amount of points comparing to Ferrari, I don’t think it was a race deserving of points, because it wasn’t a race at the end of the day.”

After Norris’ big shunt at Eau Rouge during Saturday’s qualifying session, the McLaren driver agreed the track was too wet and unsafe to race on.

“It was just too wet to race,” Norris said. “The fans were amazing, sticking with us all day and I’m disappointed they didn’t get to see much action or any racing, but it was the correct decision not to go ahead. I would have loved the opportunity to make up for yesterday, do some racing, do some overtaking and put on a good show.

“The team in the garage did an amazing job getting the car ready for the race and it’s a shame we couldn’t make the most of their hard work, so I’m annoyed that yesterday’s crash hurt us a lot more than it should have done, but that’s the way it is and we move on to the next one.”