McLaren MCL35M hits the track at Silverstone for its first run

McLaren MCL35M hits the track at Silverstone for its first run

The McLaren MCL35M made its first on-track debut at a wet Silverstone. With Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris both jumping behind the wheel.

After a successful launch, the McLaren MCL35M has taken to the track for the first time. Weather conditions could have been better at Silverstone for the team’s filming day. With rain coming down making for slippery conditions.

But nevertheless, both Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris took the chance to get behind the wheel and get a feel for their 2021 competitor.

“Slowly shaking out some cobwebs,” Ricciardo said of his first run in the MCL35M. “Feels alright. First few laps done. It’s probably the worst conditions because it’s greasy. So you’re kind of a little bit, I’m a little cautious on day one. But it’s all good.”

The switch from a Renault to Mercedes power unit for 2021 is hoped to bring not only more speed, but also reliability. Providing McLaren with a good chance of competing for the coveted “Best of the Rest” title amongst their midfield competitors.

But while Ricciardo and Norris got a little taste of what the MCL35M has to offer. The pair will have to wait until pre-season testing gets under way in Bahrain to get a real feel for the car. Due to teams being restricted to certain conditions during their allocated filming days.

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