McLaren target “closing the gap” to Red Bull and Mercedes

McLaren target “closing the gap” to Red Bull and Mercedes

McLaren are looking to carry over their momentum from the 2020 Formula 1 season. With Team Principal Andreas Seidl hopeful of closing the gap to Red Bull and Mercedes.

McLaren enjoyed back-to-back success during their 2019 and 2020 Formula 1 campaigns.

Emerging from the depths after a horrid run with Honda came to an end. The team managed to finish atop their midfield rivals in 2019, securing fourth place. Followed by a very respectable third in the Constructors’ Championship last year. Behind only Red Bull and Mercedes.

With a new Mercedes power unit in place for 2021, there are high hopes McLaren will continuing trending upwards.

Team Principal Andeas Seidl explained the goal for the upcoming season is to ensure the team keep’s progressing forward. While at the same time, trying to close the gap towards their Red Bull and Mercedes competitors.

“The target for this year as a team is clearly to make sure we keep moving forward,” Seidl said. “I would be very happy if we could again make the next step in terms of closing the gap to Red Bull and Mercedes this year. Similar to what we could manage last year. We are aware of the tight competition again that we will be in, especially against the teams we were fighting with last year.

“But with Lando [Norris] going into his third year now, with getting Daniel [Ricciardo] on board as a proven race winner, with having the championship winning power unit at the back of our car. Plus seeing the progress we could make again over winter as a team. With the car, but also in the way how we work together.

“I’m quite optimistic going into this season. At the same time I think it’s always important as well to stay realistic. But I feel there’s a lot of energy in the team, a lot of commitment. So we will give it all again until the last lap of the last race and then hopefully we can again fight as high up as possible.”

Budget cap will level playing field

One way McLaren will look at closing the gap between the midfield and top tier teams will come in the form of the budget cap.

Introduced in an attempt to narrow the playing field and make racing more competitive and exciting. The budget cap will provide the opportunity for more teams to share similar expenditure in terms of research and car development.

“Regarding the budget cap being in place now, first of all, it’s not a secret that we were obviously very supportive from McLaren’s side to get this budget cap into place.” Seidl Continued. “Because it ensures us simply to get to a level playing field in the future with the big spenders. Which enables us to then let’s say to do Formula 1 in a sustainable way, but also in a competitive way. So we are very happy with that

“As a team, we have prepared for this budget cap since quite a while already. So a lot of energy went into this. With a clear target to see where we can save costs in an efficient way, in order to get ready for the future. “


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