Zak Brown calls for review after failed Belgian Grand Prix

Zak Brown calls for review after failed Belgian Grand Prix

McLaren CEO Zak Brown is calling for a review of Formula 1’s race regulations, after the failed running of the washed out Belgian Grand Prix.

Zak Brown took to Twitter following the farce that was the Belgian Grand Prix. Where he issued an apology to the fans who braved the weather and were rewarded by nothing more than a few laps behind the safety car.

The McLaren CEO, known for holding no punches, was quick to call for a review involving Formula 1 and the FIA. With an emphasis placed on what exactly should be classed as a race moving forward. With the aim of avoiding a further repeat of the disaster that was the Belgian Grand Prix.

”Hi, fans here in Spa. That was certainly a disappointing day,” Brown said after the Belgian Grand Prix. “We wanted to race, the drivers wanted to race and, of course, we know you wanted to see a race and that’s not what you saw. That’s not what we participated in, a very difficult situation and I think needs a bit of an explanation.

“I think the FIA did everything they could to put on a race. They obviously can’t control the weather. They do need to put the drivers’ safety first. The conditions were not raceable. The regulations state after you do a few laps, it can be called a race. I think that needs to be reviewed.

“I don’t think there’s anyone that would argue the weather was safe to race in, but we need a better solution as a sport. When that type of situation happens, the outcome should not be a race after three laps behind a safety car. That is what the rules say.

“But I think that now needs to be reviewed, by all of us, to learn from today and realise if we are getting this type of situation, what would we do differently to make sure the outcome is that everyone gets their racing. Whether that’s the following day, whether it’s coming back.

“It’s quite complicated with the schedule, but I don’t think anyone would say today it felt right calling that a race. So we will get to work on this and hope that something like this doesn’t happen again.”

FIA President, Jean Todt, has since come out stating that the FIA in conjunction with Formula 1 and the teams, will be reviewing the regulations at the next F1 Commission meeting slated for October 5.

Along with the hopeful rewording of what actually constitutes a race, another hot topic open for discussion at the meeting will no doubt surround the allocation of points for shortened races.

Several drivers and teams have voiced their disdain with points being awarded for Sunday’s ‘race’, including McLaren driver, Lando Norris.