Zak Brown confident new F1 rules will benefit team

Zak Brown confident new F1 rules will benefit team

McLaren CEO Zak Brown is confident the new budget cap and better governance will make for fairer and more competitive racing.

McLaren have been a vocal advocate for the introduction of a regulated budget cap. Along with the majority of their midfield rivals.

2021 will see a budget cap set at $145 million per racing calendar year. A far cry from the operating costs previously experienced by the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

The reasoning behind a budget cap is simple. To increase the competitiveness of the field. With top teams spending well into the hundreds of millions of dollars, compared to their lower ranked competitors.

There has been minimal challenge from race to race for some years now. Midfield teams struggle to keep up with the pace. While those at the rear are non-contenders.

Under the newly signed Concorde agreement, there has also been somewhat of a shift in power. In an attempt to make things fairer across the field, F1 and the FIA now have the ability to greater influence any new dealings. Something that will benefit McLaren and the rest of the pack.

While speaking with, McLaren CEO Zak Brown has approved of the new measures that will hopefully see a return to competitive racing.

“The new era of Formula 1 plays right into our sweet spot,” Brown said. “The budget cap, we’ve had to reduce our spend a bit, but not to the same level as the other three that were significantly outspending us.

“The governance is better, it gives more power to Formula 1 and the FIA as opposed to the teams, because the teams with all the political power, with the previous governance, were able to better keep things shaped around their agenda. I think that gets neutralised.

“The revenue distribution didn’t make a big difference to us, but it’s going to make the sport more competitive. While we now have the ability to now be a big team, because we’re running at the budget cap, it’s also brought more competition from behind.

“We now have a better shot to catch the guys in front of us, but we need to pay attention.”

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